You are wonderfully made...

Here at Allyson Leah Photography, we capture modern and stylish portraits that tell your story. My goal is to photograph your beauty in every way. You are valued and beautiful and worth more than you can imagine.

With experience in both photography and modeling, I strive to give each of my girls the experience of a super model. I want you to know that you can be YOU and still be extraordinary, no matter the expectations our society has set. My hope is that you will walk away from your experience knowing that you are valuable and you are wonderfully made! I hope to give you a confidence in your own beauty that will last far beyond your senior portrait experience.

About Ally

Hey there! My name is Ally Gould. I live in Butler, PA with my loving and supportive husband, David and our sweet baby son, Lukarius. I love Jesus, sunshine, and finding beautiful things all around me. I am a natural light portrait photographer who is passionate about the self-esteem of young women. I have found that my love of photography has been an amazing tool in discovering the beauty within the young women I work with. I love revealing their true beauty to them, especially when they have a hard time seeing it for themselves.